About Us


We are well known for our products in USA and Canada as major wholesalers to leading retail shopping stores with number of satisfied and ever increasing customers. Right Punch Inc. is well renowned for its high quality sporting goods. 


The production units are fully equipped to manufacture these equipment’s. Our team is skilled, devoted and works diligently to produce the products which reflects their mastery over craftsmanship. 

We want fighters, coaches and fitness enthusiasts to be assured that they can depend on us. Whether it’s through our equipment, apparel or the information we provide, there’s one road to the title and we’re on it with you.

The passion that drives you to do YOUR best, inspires us to do OUR best.

We take special care in the production of our products at all the stages.

Products are of highest and finest quality.

Right Punch has the gear to get you there.

Our selection includes a lot of fitness products and accessories, from gloves to soccer balls, weightlifting to martial art and much more. 

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