RightPunch Wall Mounted Speed Ball Platform Set for Fitness Boxing Punch Bag Speedball Sparring

$180.00 $200.00

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    • This Platform is Made From Press board Wood.


      1. Platform Dimensions: L 16c cm" W 18cm" Round 15"cm.
      2. This speed ball Platform is highly regarded by professionals Engineered for speed bag workouts.
      3. Speed balls or speed bags are great fun at home or the gym.
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      5. Onex speed ball ,an ideal hand crafted product. The leather is lined with 2 layers of textile materials to give it extra strength. Adjustable Speedball Platform Frame Set Swivel Bracket
      6. MMA Speed Ball Boxing Set. The ball has a rubber bladder inside
      7. which is inflated with a standard football pump to give shape the ball. Easy to assemble & easy to Carry


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