Freestanding Punching Bag and Speed Ball Set (Use code "FIGHT" at checkout)


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      Brand: RightPunch Sports

      Material: Steel

      Full Heavy Bag and Speed Ball with Stand

      Stable and firm: Equipped with a triangular base, it is stable and firm. Also includes a small speed bag for speed training, a boxing punch bag for strength training

      Made of iron frame, powder coating, stable and strong inflatable speed ball made of PVC material, high abrasion resistance. Bracket material: steel; punched bag material: iron sand + EPE + PVC cover.

      Easy to assemble It is very convenient to assemble our heavy bag holder. According to the instructions, you can assemble the pump holder in 30 minutes, but you need to make sure that every boxer screw is tightened in place to ensure the overall stability of the punch box. support.

      [Additional weighting accessories] There are four vertical tubes on the base of the boxing ring, which can be placed with other weights to increase the stability of the heavy bag rack. If you need to hang a heavier sandbag, we recommend adding more weight to the sandbag rack.

      [132 lbs. Load] Our boxing ring can support 132 lbs., Which means you can hang up to 132 lbs.

      Package Contain:1x boxing rack 1x speed ball 1x sandbag

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