RightPunch Boxing Speed Ball Ceiling Mount Hook Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Punch Bag

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      Punch Bag Ceiling Hook Description

      A Punch Bag Ceiling Hook offers you the ability to hang your bag away from a wall or obstacles. This then gives you the freedom to move around your bag and let it swing as you want. You can practice all the available techniques, drill and combos without and restriction from your location.  

      You can attach to a variety of options, but most people go for a steel room girder, (you’ll need different screw for this) or a wooden roof beam which is what the provided screws are for. Make sure the beam can take the weight and vibrations of the bag and you’ll be all set to go.

      Made from a heavy duty plate which comes with two screws to screw into a wooden beam and attached to a swivel with a thick heavy duty hook to attach you punch bag to.


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